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Policies, Terms, and Conditions at Ocean RV Resort

Policies are in place for the comfort and safety of everyone


For reservations less than 30 days: At the time of booking, we require a one-night of reservation total as a deposit.

For reservations greater than 30 days: At time of booking, we require 50% of the last month’s reservation total as a deposit. Long term deposits are non-refundable.



If Camper cancels a reservation greater than 30 days before arrival, Camper will be refunded the deposit minus a $35 cancellation fee.

If Camper cancels the reservation less than 30 days before arrival, Camper will forfeit their 1 night deposit. *This does not apply to long term stays. Long term stays that are canceled, will forfeit the entire deposit.

Cancellations can be completed online, by phone, by email, and in person. All cancellations receive a cancellation confirmation number. It is the Camper’s responsibility to ensure they have received the cancellation confirmation number for verification.



Rescheduling of dates may be allowed if the Camper(s) agrees on updated rates of reservation depending on stay dates. The reservation change fee is $35.00. Camper agrees if there is any difference in the balance due, this will be adjusted accordingly.

If the Camper(s) request a different site/cabin within thirty days of the reservation approval, this change is at the discretion of Oceans RV Resort. There is NO guarantee that the request to reschedule will be approved. If approved, the Camper(s) paid amount will be applied to the new reservation, and the reservation change fee will be added to the Camper(s) balance due. If there is any difference in the balance due this will be adjusted accordingly.



All eligible refunds will be issued to the credit card on file. There are no cash or check refunds available. Refunds and/or rate adjustments are not made for any inconvenience. There are NO REFUNDS or reductions made due to the following: failure of appliances, failure of equipment, early departures, delayed arrivals, inclement weather, public utility failure/interruption, or Acts of God.



Once a reservation has been made and payment has been received, the Camper(s) will receive a confirmation email. After receiving the confirmation, it is the Camper(s) responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the reservation. All errors should be reported to Oceans RV Resort within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the confirmation email. Camper(s) shall also read the Rules and Regulations and it is Camper(s) responsibility to notify each person on the guest list of these rules.

Campers will be sent an e-registration form and Rules and Regulations for e-signature. Camper does not have to e-sign documents and can sign in person. Camper also has the right to withdraw consent of e-signature based on the E-sign ACT. The license agreement is effective upon the arrival date and time of check-in, Camper cannot withdraw an e-signature after the license agreement date and time.

It is the Camper’s responsibility to ensure Oceans RV Resort has all information requested on the registration form. Camper can fill out information online at the time of booking as well as provide Oceans RV Resort front office the information.



Nightly rates and minimum night stays vary on each individual site or cottage listing. These rates do not include any taxes or additional fees. Nightly rates are subject to change without notice. Once the Camper(s) receives the reservation confirmation email, the rate will not change, unless there are reservation change requests made by the Camper(s).

Monthly rates are based on a monthly recurring stay. Please contact us directly at 910-778-2839 for more details about monthly rates.



Oceans RV Resort may offer different types of promotions and savings at different times of the year. These are based on occupancy, and seasonality, and may be adjusted at the last minute. Any specials must be asked for and applied at the time of booking. Discounts cannot be applied after a Camper(s) has completed a booking reservation. Cottages may be exempt from specials.


Check-in time is at 3:00 PM. This means that the Camper(s) can arrive at the office of Oceans RV Resort at 3:00 PM to check-in. The resort will use every possible resource to ensure that the property is available by the standard check-in time, however due to possible interruptions Oceans RV Resort cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy. No concessions, rate reductions, or refunds will be made for postponed occupancy due to conflicts that may be out of the Resort’s control.

Check-out time is at 11:00 AM. This means that the Camper(s) must leave the property by 11:00 AM. Check-out times are strictly enforced to have adequate time to have the property ready for the next occupant. If the resort provides a “Check Out List” it shall be completed prior to leaving the property. Cottage check out procedures must be followed. Failure to complete the list shall result in additional charges.



There are options for early check-ins and late checkouts, provided that the campground/site/cottage is open and available for these times. Please contact the office to see if there is availability for either of these desired options. Additional fees may apply.



Camper(s) must contact the office as soon as possible to extend stays. The current market rate will apply to any additional nights requested or “Hold Over” by Camper(s). The resort only guarantees a rate for a booked, confirmed, and paid reservation.



Reservations must be made by responsible persons over the age of twenty-one (21). The reservation holders must be in attendance during the reservation. The Camper(s) whose name is on the reservation will be responsible for the entire party and the property that has been rented by Camper(s).

Cottages and RV sites are only advertised to hold a maximum number of 6 people, this includes adults and children. Occupancy limits are strictly enforced. Any Camper(s) in violation of this policy shall leave the property and all monies shall be forfeited.

2 Adults and 2 Children are included in the base price of all sites and cottages. If the reservation has a greater occupancy than 4 additional charges are:

ADULTS – $12 per day per adult

CHILDREN– $8 per day per child

Visitor Day Pass (dawn to dusk) – $12 per visitor.
All visitors must be registered with the front office.




Pets are welcome. Pets must always be with their owners. The camper is responsible for pet registration and proof of vaccination records at the time of check-in. Pet fees do apply. Pet fees are as follows:

Cottages – $5.00 nightly fee per pet

Max 2 (Two) pets per cottage, unless the on-site manager approves.



If a site becomes unavailable prior to occupancy outside of Oceans RV Resort’s control, Resort shall have the right to move Camper(s) to a different site that is comparable to original reservation. If no comparable site is available, Resort can offer to reschedule for another date. If there is no alternate availability, and the reservation must be canceled, then the Resort will issue a full refund to Camper(s) without penalty. All refunds will only be up to the amount paid.



The camper is responsible to notify Oceans RV Resort if anything in the unit is not in working order, is damaged, is missing or is unclean at time of check-in. Cottages are subject to a security deposit hold at the time of check-in. Contact Oceans RV Resort for more information. This security deposit hold will be on your registration form and is an additional charge on your credit card for any damages incurred.

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